shop/production/operations manager

We are hiring a shop and production manager that will coordinate the flow of our manufacturing line and take care of all shipping and fulfillment.

Although specific experience in sewing and/or manufacturing will help, qualities/attitude/characteristics are a much higher priority so please apply if you generally love life.

Important attributes for this position:

  • Eye for detail and quality

  • Highly Organized

  • Persistent and creative problem solving

  • Clear and effective communication

  • Ability to continuously improve systems for efficiency and simplicity

  • Kind, forgiving, and easy going

  • Ability to crack a good joke


Icing on the cake:

  • Previous experience in sewing and manufacturing

  • Love to get lost in the mountains


Finer day to day job description:

  • Source, order and purchase materials for a new run

  • Prep materials for sewing

  • Schedule and coordinate seamsters and seamstresses for the run

  • Participate in the run where possible (ie. easier sewing steps)

  • Quality control checks during and after a run

  • Shipping and fulfilling orders

  • Raw material inventory

  • Improving and writing down systems and standard operating procedures

  • An occasional mandatory powder day


If you think we’d make a good fit, send along an application to and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible. Cheers from the Free Range crew!